Elegant leather gloves with rabbit fur

80  incl. VAT

Timeless classics, elegance and eccentricity. All this is contained in this luxurious leather glove with a cuff made of fine rabbit fur. We buy our fur in a Czech leather cooperative and it comes from a domestic purchase.

Both the glove and the fur are fitted with a slit for easy threading and are designed so that you can wear it folded over, for example, with a coat, to show off the fur in all its glory. The unshaven glove has fur inside, and it feels very comfortable on the wrist. Plus, combined with the wool lining inside, it really warms up. We believe that you will love the beautiful colours of the skins and furs that we have prepared for you this season. The total length of the extended wrist is 8 cm.

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Currently, due to capacity reasons, it is not possible to order unavailable glove models in our workshop.

The leather stocks are exhausted and only orders in progress are being processed in production this year. We will be able to buy the sold-out versions again after the New Year, when we will receive new material from the tannery and will start making all the sold-out gloves again.

Thank you for your interest in Czech products and for understanding the current situation with availability.

Model: 4705-1