Leather, or rather leather, is the most important element, after the skilful stitchers and cutters, which determines the final product. It’s something that we take extreme pride in, and something we certainly don’t skimp on. True, we could buy leather for more than half the price… but then we’d be on par with imported goods to big brand chains, and that’s definitely not where we’re headed 🙂

Leather processing is a very interesting process and when you have the opportunity to visit a tannery, it is a unique experience. It’s literally alchemy and depends on a number of circumstances.

It would take a book to describe the whole process here, but I want to take you to sunny Naples, where premium glove, shoe and garment leathers are made in one of the family tanneries. We buy fine glove lambskin there and process it further in our workshop.

On every visit, the owner sends us off with the words: “Remember, we are more than business partners. Remember that you have friends in Naples”.

We also take part in the Milan trade fair every year, where hundreds of tanneries and traders exhibit leather in one place. We dare say that we have an overview of what the possibilities are in the materials. So we are happy to buy the best we can get in Europe from our friends.

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