Visit our showroom CZECH LEATHER GLOVES in Prague 5

In addition to all stock items, you will also discover some exclusive models in limited numbers that will not be published in the e-shop.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of not only the appropriate size, but also the model or type of gloves, depending on the purpose for which you are going to use them.

Where can you find our store, which we have conceived more as a showroom and concept store?

We are located at Ostrovského 112/5, Prague 5, not far from the Anděl B metro station and the Nový Smíchov shopping centre.

If you arrive by car, we recommend parking in or around Kováků Street. You can also use the Anděl City underground garage in Radlická Street.

We are not open every day, so please keep an eye on our opening hours.

You will appreciate the fact that you can pick up all orders placed in the BOHEMIA GLOVES e-shop for FREE.

When ordering, just select the “Pick up at a branch – Prague 5” option in the e-shop.

MONDAY: 10-19 hrs.



THURSDAY: 10am-5pm.


All gloves are packaged in a beautiful gift box.
The box will serve you well for storage, so you don’t get your gloves squished somewhere between your hats when not in use. If you’re buying the gloves as a gift, just add wrapping paper and bows, and your worries are over.

In case you want to consult with us in a wholesale form of cooperation, please contact us in advance. It is also possible to meet outside the showroom opening hours. We will be happy to arrange a date in advance so that we can adequately attend to your requirements.

And what can you look forward to in our Czech Leather Gloves showroom?

Surprisingly, it will be women’s and men’s lined and unlined gloves for different occasions, which determines the use of different types of leather (lamb, American deer, calfskin, beef split, peccary).

Thanks to the different possibilities of use, you can use BOHEMIA GLOVES all year round, not only in winter.

In addition to classic, elegant gloves for the city with winter coats or jackets, we have a very varied range of sporty leather gloves for driving a car or suitable for motorcycle and scooter. There are also durable and warm mittens, for example for strollers.

Golf gloves in both right and left designs made of high quality, flexible lambskin that will last and you won’t have to throw them away after one tournament.

The youngest group consists of the very popular gloves for leisure activities. You will find among them leather gloves suitable for grill service (tall, strong and durable), amazing and “immortal” outdoor gloves for working in the woods or at the cottage.

A special category is the newly emerging section of fashionable and premium gloves, which will be very exceptionally crafted, also from textiles, and will be a real decoration of the outfit.

Soon, the leather gloves range will also be complemented by a range of accessories from our BOHEMIA brand, which will match the glove range so that it will be possible to buy sets, including gift packaging.

You can look forward to belts, handbags, cases and small key chains.

We look forward to your visit!