Outdoor leather calfskin gloves

Men’s gloves in iconic yellow leather suitable for a range of activities from bushcraft to motorcycle riding to working in the workshop. Made after the American work gloves used for motorcycle driving (warning, the glove does not have additional protective features).

They are sewn with Kevlar threads made of quality calfskin with hydrophobic treatment (i.e. partially water-repellent), which is produced in a tannery in eastern Bohemia. The glove fits well thanks to the sewn-on elastic on the wrist and the palm is reinforced with a second layer in contrasting brown brushed leather.

We finish the gloves to order and therefore it is possible to have it engraved with a logo, monogram or other image by engraving (laser burning) and to choose the location of the grommet for attaching the carabiner.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Currently, due to capacity reasons, it is not possible to order unavailable glove models in our workshop.

The leather stocks are exhausted and only orders in progress are being processed in production this year. We will be able to buy the sold-out versions again after the New Year, when we will receive new material from the tannery and will start making all the sold-out gloves again.

Thank you for your interest in Czech products and for understanding the current situation with availability.

Model: 3341