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About brand
We are a Czech company and pride ourselves on the fact that handmade leather gloves still running at Dobris, as a team of high-quality Czech seamstresses and cutters are ready to return to Czech gloves their reputation and "learn" again, both women and men use leather gloves as a regular supplement to daily basis, as has been the case during the first Republic and in the next few decades.

We buy the highest quality Italian leather and the lining, so the resulting product is always 100%.

We innovate traditional glove designs and create our own so that gloves from Dobříš can once again be the pride of the Czech Republic.

OHEMIA GLOVES is one of the last gloving manufactura in the Czech Republic, which diligently preserves more than 150 years old traditional production. The glove is a wonderful craft, but it requires an eye for detail and dexterous hands that are dedicated to a number of important tasks. This is the mission of our cutters and seamstresses, who put their joy and love into the products, where the gloves are at home and where they have dedicated their entire life to glove industry - in Dobříš, Central Bohemia. It is the care given to honest production that makes BOHEMIA GLOVES an exceptional premium product.

About brand
Under the attribute of a premium product, we imagine careful work that pays attention to the smallest detail. It is the details that actually form a perfect whole, which will then accompany you for many years thanks to the quality workmanship and will never disappoint you.
  • 14th century

    The first mention of the name of the glove is first used in Dalimil's chronicles
  • The time of Emperor Charles IV.

    great development of leather processing and production of final products, including leather gloves. Their production took place in the domestic environment exclusively by hand without the use of any equipment, until the 18th century
  • 1834

    The breakthrough came thanks to the Frenchman Jouvin, who in 1834 invented the shaped knife and the glove press. Another significant advance was the invention of a comb hole punching machine for easier needle stitching.
  • 1870

    The comb machine was replaced by a pedal sewing machine and this meant a significant expansion of glove making in the Habsburg monarchy.
  • 1865

    In Dobříš, the official beginning of the glove trade is considered to be the year 1865, when Solomon Abeles established an independent trade in Dobříš (after he trained in glove making in Vienna and worked in France or Germany). All production took place in the home environment and was controlled by factors (similar to masters).
  • 1949

    The First World War slowed down development, but the cultural situation after 1918 meant a huge development. Before World War II, ten million pairs of leather gloves were manufactured and exported. After the wave of nationalization, it was also the turn of gloves, and in 1949 the national company Rukavičkářské závody was established. This meant numerous changes - the construction of an industrial area, the introduction of terminology, setting standards and calculations. The geometric series produced the produced models and also the demands on the design increased.
  • Xxx

    An apprenticeship was also established at the state-owned company, which was used by thousands of apprentices during its operation, and it would be difficult for you to find a family that was not connected in any way with gloves. Unfortunately, it has been closed since 1997.
  • 1992

    The state-owned enterprise ceased operations in 1992, and a number of small private enterprises were established after privatization. In the area of the former glove factories, various entities competed for the rest of the production, until finally in 2003 the large-scale glove production was definitively terminated. At that time, several other private manufacturing companies were established.
  • 2015

    start of production under the BOHEMIA GLOVES brand. Originally, it was an export, wholesale brand focused mainly on production for foreign markets. Therefore, the designation is an English name. Later, it also produced for Czech companies, but continued to use the BOHEMIA GLOVES label.
  • 2020

    after the change of owner comes a big restart. You too can take part in the future of the BOHEMIA GLOVES brand.