The month of November has been an eventful one for us, not yet over and already two months in. The work pace accelerates manifold
and I’m slowly starting to wonder (with slight trepidation) when it will stop 🙂
Preparations for the spring glove collection, product shoots, finishing the move in the workshop, Christmas product shoots… but of course
the most important event of this month is the launch of our official e-shop.

I am proud and very happy that a team of collaborators managed to build the whole system and our beautiful e-shop in no time at all.
it’s working, the orders are coming in and the gloves are making you happy.


Just as we take care in the selection of materials and production, we also focus on packaging. We were looking for a functional, gentle and
a minimalist solution that we found to our delight! And so the gloves you order will come in a paper box,
which, besides being beautiful and stunning as a gift, is also sturdy, so it serves as a transport package. Wrap the box in
of rigid, recycled wrapping paper to eliminate the overuse of various fillers or plastics as much as possible.
And the most important use of the box is that you can keep your gloves in it – so they don’t get squashed in a drawer somewhere
between the scarf and the hat – you’ll see, they’ll thank you! 🙂

I wish you, our dear supporters, especially peaceful days and weeks. And I promise to report back to you soon with an update from our workshop.

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