To ensure you are satisfied with the leather glove supplied, please pay sufficient attention to the measurement of your palm circumference to determine which size to enter in your order.

Choosing the right size is key

If this is your first leather glove purchase and you don’t even know your approximate size, measuring is important.

Following the example of the attached pictures (or the video instructions), please always measure your dominant hand (right-handed people usually the right hand, left-handed people the left hand) in its natural position or with the palm slightly clenched. The dimension is taken at the knuckles – measure the circumference of the palm of the hand without the thumb. Never measure your hand with the fingers outstretched, it will distort the circumference of your hand and make the glove small.

The length of the middle finger is a guide if you are worried about having fingers that are too long or short.

Manual for correct measurement

Step 1

prepare a tailor's tape measure or string and a ruler

Step 2

measure the circumference of the palm of the dominant hand across the knuckles of the fingers (without the thumb) in the slightly clasped palm position

Step 3

select your size according to the measured data
palm circumference in cmglove size
palm circumference in cm glove size
21 7,5
22 8
23 8,5
24 9
26 9,5
27 10
28 10,5

Step 4

measure the length of the middle finger from the inside of the palm (check the length, if it differs from the span by more than 1 cm, consider making custom gloves)
glove sizelength range in cm
6,57 – 7,5
77,4 – 7,8
7,57,7 – 8,2
88 – 8,3
8,58 – 8,5
glove size length range in cm
7,5 7,8 – 8
8 8 – 8,3
8,5 8 – 8,3
9 8,3 – 8,5
9,5 8,5 – 9
10 9 – 9,5