Instructions for the treatment and use of leather gloves

Leather gloves, like all leather products, must be cared for carefully in order to achieve a long service life. Please pay attention to the information below, as if the product is not handled properly, it will not be accepted for claim.

Putting on gloves

Carefully slide the fingers into the glove, interlacing the fingers of the other hand to help move the glove all the way up. Do not pull forcefully on the edge of the glove, it will deform. When selecting the appropriate size, the test piece must be very tight/ snug on the hand. The leather we use is very soft and stretchy, it adapts very quickly to your hand.

Taking off the gloves

Carefully remove from hand, ideally by folding “inside out”. Never pull the glove forcefully with your fingers. A light tug on the fingertips can release it from his hand. In the case of seamless and sports models, it is better to turn the glove inside out when taking it off, which is paradoxically the most gentle way.


Regular care will prolong the life of delicate skin

Like leather shoes, leather gloves will appreciate your regular attention. For frequent use, we recommend carefully removing dust and other dirt every week with a soft natural bristle brush or a colourless cotton cloth. Dust particles stick to the pores of the fine lambskin and it will lose its beauty over time and dry out faster.

Some manufacturers recommend spraying gloves with leather conditioners sold in footwear as an impregnation or care product. This is strongly not recommended!! They contain large amounts of silicones that can irreversibly damage delicate skin. Italian lamb is sufficiently lubricated from the factory and no further maintenance with waxes or oils is expected.

If your gloves get wet, let them dry naturally and don’t use any other heat source (hairdryer, heater or even the sun). It should be taken into account that the skin darkens and may harden slightly after soaking. When worn again, the skin softens. You can “help” it by rubbing it in the palms of your hands and lightly stretching the fingers of the glove.

It is a good idea to stretch your fingers from time to time as part of routine maintenance after brushing or wiping with a cloth. Wearing it causes the leather to stretch slightly in width. Flexibility is a characteristic and characteristic manifestation of fine and quality leather, similar to scarring, varying graininess of the cheek and minor colour gradients. This is not a defect in the product or material, but in the properties of the leather.

Cleaning leather gloves

With moderate contamination, cleaning can be carried out under domestic conditions. But please bear in mind that you have purchased a luxury product made of fine leather, and if in doubt, always contact a specialist cleaner.

To clean, use a colourless cotton cloth, dampen it lightly and wipe the dirt from the glove surface. It is ideal to wear gloves on the hands, not to rub forcefully or even locally, but rather over the whole area. You should not soak the gloves.

Carefully remove the gloves from your hand by gradually loosening all the fingers, smooth them on a flat surface and, if necessary, let them dry on a colourless cotton fabric (again, naturally, not in the sun or on a heater). After drying, the gloves can be straightened or “stretched” with a gentle pulling motion on the unsharpened edge of the table. Then thread and adjust (smooth) throughout the whole area according to your hand.

For heavier soiling, it is always necessary to use the services of a dry cleaner.