Welcome to the website of the BOHEMIA GLOVES glove workshop!

We are glad that our offer has appealed to you and we would like to provide you with more information on the materials and models that are suitable for motorcycle or scooter riders.

Variants of cooperation

  • Purchase our collection at wholesale prices
  • Custom production of own models – individual calculation according to specification (material, complexity, etc.)

10 000 - 25 000 CZK

purchase value
sleva 25 % from MOC without VAT
  • corresponds to 7 - 15 pairs

25 000 - 45 000 CZK

purchase value
sleva 35 % from MOC without VAT
  • corresponds to 16 - 19 pairs

45 000 CZK and more

purchase value
sleva 45 % from MOC without VAT
  • corresponds to 20 pairs

You can see the currently offered models here. The selling price in the e-shop is also the recommended MOC (including VAT 21%).

Delivery time

Delivery time is affected by a large number of variables – the date the order is placed, the overall production situation, the quantity required, whether the skins are in stock, etc. You can expect a period of 5-8 weeks.

Therefore, it is ideal to place orders or reorders in advance (we do not work like the Pakistani, Chinese or Bangladeshi giants, churning out thousands of pairs a week).


Motorcycle gloves are most often made of calfskin with a hydrophobic treatment that resists light rain, gets less dirty and is easier to maintain. We buy this specially tanned leather in a Czech tannery and it is available in several colours. We most often use shades:

– yellow, black, brown and rust/orange.

As such, the calfskin has a very dense structure of binding fibres and is therefore extremely resistant to puncture even with its weak thickness (0.8 mm). It leaves a very good feeling in the fingers, the leather is soft and supple.

The gloves are suitable for choppers, cruisers, urban motorcycles and scooters.

They are not fitted with plastic protectors.


The other durable leather used for the moto collection is American deerskin. In North America, the animals ranged in the wild, due to which it has a very dense connective tissue structure. Unlike veal, the skin is textured and has a soft to spongy texture that is very pleasant on the hands.

To preserve space and feel in the fingers, the seams are usually placed outside. It is available in colour:

– red, black, brown, rust

The gloves are suitable for choppers, cruisers, urban motorcycles and scooters.

They are not fitted with plastic protectors.


Italian lambskin can also be used on scooters. Which protects the hands from the weather, improves grip, absorbs sweat in the palm. It forms a second-skin feeling on the hand, for its exceptional qualities. Models from the driving glove collection are also used very often, only they are made without knuckle holes.

You can see the Driving collection here.

If you are interested in producing under your own brand, the placement of your branding (laser, heat embossing, textile labels, metal ornaments, paper tags) is a matter of course. In addition to the already offered models, we can work on the design of another construction according to your wishes. Together, we can give customers this,

Display of goods

If you are solving a problem with the display of goods, it is possible to supply gloves with a sales stand. It is either made of wood or metal. These are simple constructions, the size and dimensions of which are arranged individually. The stand/stand is delivered in the same term as the gloves.

Glove-making workshop


If you are interested in how gloves are made in our company, watch this short video. Of course, we will be happy to show you the workshop live.

To arrange a time for our meeting, please use either the contacts below or the online booking system here.

We look forward to seeing you.