[dropcap background=”” color=”” circle=”0″ size=”2″] During [/dropcap] the course of this year, the BOHEMIA GLOVES workshop faced a number of difficulties that resulted in the owner’s decision to close its operations. Since the gloves were part of the family business I had worked for since 2010, and were my most beloved project in particular, this was painful for me. But the objective situation spoke clearly, and against my wish to keep the workshop running…
I don’t even know exactly when (and where) the idea of “so buy it and carry on alone!” came from, but it did. And so here we are. I’m changing things from the ground up, trying to learn from past mistakes and trying to save the workshop.

Together we are fighting on as best we can, the situation is difficult for everyone right now – but we trust the Czech product and the people to support us. For starters, we bet on a crowdfunding campaign on hithit.cz. If you’re not familiar with this startup support platform, I definitely recommend visiting their website. There are a number of interesting projects and ideas that need financial support to get off the ground. For the contribution you send them you collect a reward directly.

If you are interested in our story and project, take a look here: [fancy_link title=”Hithit project” link=”#” target=”” style=”6″ class=”” download=””]

Pretty much immediately after the decision to take over the workshop, I am working with a team of helpers on a major reboot of the BOHEMIA GLOVES brand. I would like to take this space to thank them for their work. If it wasn’t for their help, who knows where the workshop would be today…
The first to jump into the project was the multi-talented Mari&, for whom, as she says, gloves are a matter of the heart. She set up a full styling shoot for both the women’s and men’s lines in a crazy amount of time, helped set the general level of communication on social media with her experience, and pushed me a mile further in how I should think about the brand in our consultations.
When I had a clear idea of what we would need to shoot and film, I invited a great photographer Honza Žirovnicky to cooperate with me. I love his “eye”, working with him is always at maximum ease, but most importantly, the outputs from his work are really perfect.

The author of the video, which was filmed in our workshop and charts the entire journey of the creation of leather gloves, had a very difficult job with me. He was finishing the work under a lot of pressure (especially time pressure), and you wouldn’t know it from the video. Thank you, Peter , for your kind and patient work, and I admire your talent for accurately capturing what is important.

Work was pouring in from everywhere, and I knew I would need to make great use of the great outputs. Social networking and marketing is a nightmare for me in the online world. I decided to use the services of a smaller agency who blew me away with their great attitude and enthusiasm for our project. The Cool Marketing crew is a lifesaver for me and even in a very short time I dare say they are doing a good job. Moreover, we sat down in a human way, which is absolutely essential for me in any collaboration.

There are a lot of challenges, work but also joy and fun ahead of us. I’m grateful to everyone for their part in helping. Also, thank you to everyone who is writing and will write the next chapters of the Czech glove story with us by buying our products and allowing us to continue to keep gloves where they belong. Vivat Dobris!

Petra Kesnerová


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